Freezing Cold – Large Crowd- Front Page News

Such was the last Open Barn on April 20. Against all expectations, approximately 150 braved the cold wet weather to spend some time among rescued farm animals. We always say seeing these innocent animals enjoying being alive just as much as we do is heartwarming. Apparently, this is quite literally the case judging by the many smiling faces among the visitors that day. Of course the hot vegan chilly served along with coffee helped things along a little bit as well.

Lovely volunteers walked animals around among the visitors to meet them up close and personal. The biggest Rockstar among the critters at this Open Barn was baby sheep Olivia. It being Easter when so many innocent children are slaughtered in the name of religion, made folks hyper aware of the inherent cruelty engrained in our society’s customs and habits. Olivia has no doubt done her part to spark the change already well under way. The evidence is inescapably visible at every grocery store, plant-based foods and drinks are taking up some serious shelf space these days.

Very social pig Rupert enjoyed being walked around to greet everyone.

Despite the cold, ice cream company ‘Best Vice’ served up it’s mega creamy delicious ice cream to guests with a sweet tooth. Around 2 pm Dr. Debora Tallio M.D. of Lexington’s Lifestyle Medicine gave out information and advice in regards to Whole Foods Plantbased Nutrition.

Sweet goat Kevin showed off his prosthetic leg.

In addition to all this goodness, we were honored to have the newspaper ‘State Journal’ out at the farm and subsequently found ourselves back on a newspaper front page!

Good Acres and its team puts out a heartfelt THANK YOU to all who visited us, helped, and donated. Through you, Good Acres is able to bring something unique and important to the region. Having a visitable sanctuary available is a critically important component to fostering change, saving innocent animal’s lives, and help people become healthier.

A scanned version of the full article will be made available in a separate website post 🙂