Welcome Baby Olivia

Such is life at the sanctuary. One moment you mind your own business plugging along through the seemingly endless daily tasks of running a farm. Then your cellphone makes a noise. You dare to stop and take a look and the rest is history.

This scenario unfolded yesterday. A kind farmer couple messaged us through our Facebook page inquiring about placement for an orphaned five week-old lamb. We instantly said yes and two hours later, here she was.

Just arrived at the sanctuary.

Baby Olivia had a very rough start into her young life. She was born prematurely and abandoned by her mother without any colostrum in freezing rain. By the time the owners of the farm found the tiny white bundle, she was near death. However, with much dedication they brought her around. After 5 weeks though it became apparent that the care such a baby needs overwhelmed the owners who work fulltime outside the home.

Once arrived at the sanctuary, she was set up with a large secure dog crate inside a stall that two other lambs currently sleep in at night. This way she is able to meet her future friends and safely begin bonding with them.

Livi sleeps in Diana’s arms as we are waiting to be seen by the vet to check her eyes.

Unfortunately, Olivia suffers from eye problems. Her lenses are very cloudy. On the first morning at the Good Acres, she was taken to the vet who recommended that she see an eye specialist. Meanwhile, she is being treated with an eye ointment to reduce inflammation. Overall, little ‘Livi’ as we now call her, is very active, has great appetite and has already begun to make friends with several other animals at the farm.

Like all animals at Good Acres, she will live her entire lifetime in the safety of the sanctuary. We are in love with her already. Welcome Baby Olivia!

First full day and already out and about with the new family for a little walk in the sunshine.