Welcome Little Mystery Bird

On this sunny chilly Tuesday afternoon, a new very special resident arrived at Good Acres. Her rescuers named her ‘Chickee’ though ‘Angel’ may also be fitting considering the mysterious way the sweet white chicken appeared at a family’s home.

It was during a biting cold February earlier this year of 2018 when a kind woman noticed the stray chicken outside her house. Moved by compassion for the animal, she brought the friendly bird inside. Upon doing so, she realized Chickee was no stranger to anything in a human dwelling and loved socializing with people, too. A small orange band with a few tiny flower charms on one of her legs gave it away that someone had once loved the little bird. However, no one in the neighborhood had any idea where the bird originated from. Since chickens rarely travel far on their own, her mode of arrival is and probably will forever be shrouded in mystery.

The kind family who housed Chickee since February, now decided it was time for their feathered companion to live out her life among other birds but in the safety and care of a farm sanctuary. So, here we are today. Reporting on Chickee’s arrival at Good Acres.

above: Chickee arrived at Good Acres and is being unloaded from the car by her rescuer.


above: To be safe Chickee will at first be kept in a wire crate while meeting Simon and Sophia. Simon walks excitedly while Sophia contemplates the new situation.

Updates on Chickee’s aka Angel’s move in are sure to follow. No doubt her future adventures at the sanctuary will be numerous. Meanwhile: WELCOME little sweet mystery bird.


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