What a Special Open Barn it was!

As the pm hours on October 14 rolled around it was party time at the sanctuary! The prospect of some drizzly rain did not stop folks from wanting to partake in Lucky’s birthday celebrations. Our sweet red Angus steer ‘Lucky’ turned two, a worthy occasion to celebrate for sure. Especially, considering that many cows his age are about to go on the torturous journey to slaughter and needlessly pass away under the most hideous circumstances imaginable. Handsome ‘Lucky’ is looking forward to a long life at the sanctuary. In his honor, a delicious birthday cake was served. Aside from cake, guests enjoyed heavenly vegan ice cream made and graciously donated by ‘Best Vice’ a new ice cream company, chilly and other snacks made and donated by Julie Higgins a realtor with Exit Real Estate. Incredible live musical entertainment by ‘Earth Om Ether’ rocked the barn.

Overall, the Open Barn event was absolutely lovely and lively. Guest ranging in ages from 4 to 86 enjoyed the afternoon at the farm.




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