Another Wonderful Open Barn

Sunday the 23rd of September started not only with lovely coolish temperature but also torrential rainfalls. The success of the day’s Open Barn was in jeopardy. We were in good spirits though regardless and worked on setting up everything for the event as usual. By midday, the heavy rains turned into light sprinkles and then into nothing! Cars started pouring in as soon as the official opening hour rolled around. Within minutes, the horse barn was full of visitors.


Potbelly pig Rupert was in his element as he free roamed among the people.

The lovely crowd was made up of people of all ages and backgrounds. We were honored to have the entire staff of the Franklin County Humane Society attend this Open Barn as their staff retreat.


The staff of the Franklin County Humane Society on staff retreat day at Good Acres!

As always all the children were completely in their element being surrounded by all of Good Acres’ rescued farm animals. Enjoy some of the best photos from this Open Barn event …


Rescued dairy cow ‘Bridgette’ enjoyed the attention from a large crowd.


This young visitor experienced some love at first sight! They couldn’t get enough of each other and Bridgette kept on loving on her 4-year-old new fan. At Good Acres, you never know what unexpected wonderful connection you will make.


As usual, the goats were quite popular with our youngest visitors.


Even just sitting up high on the hay was fun for some


Even our just arrived and newest sanctuary residents were friendly to visitors and came out of their house to greet everyone. They will soon enjoy sitting on visitor’s laps to snuggle.

We so enjoyed hosting this event and will schedule another one soon. As pleasant fall weather is approaching, what better place to be than at the sanctuary!