The Elusive 8 – Part 3 – Meet Little Bit

Little Bit does a lot of justice to her name. She is little and looks like a very young kitty despite her age of 10.


The Animal Man and his main girl.

She has soft long reddish hair and green eyes. The Animal Man who saved her life about 10 years ago is her only hero. You might call her a papa’s girl and the name would suit her well. However, she is also known as the ‘Queen of the Garage’. This is because Little Bit’s idea of going outside is roaming through the garage or standing by the open garage door acting like big boss who will not let anybody else in. Since she is easily spooked, she never moves more than 30 feet or so from the house.

As small as she is,  she has personality to boot. For example, she finds it highly amusing to sit up high on a table or cabinet and swat the unsuspecting dogs on the head as they pass by. As the years went by and she got older, she never lost her sense of playfulness. Age means nothing to her as inside she is still a kitten.

Visitors to Good Acres will likely never see her. Hence she is part of the ‘Elusive 8’.


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