Thank You! Sox for Horses

Stormy-Sox-Logo-06152018-300-x-250Please help us welcome ‘Sox for Horses’ as one of our newest supporters. We are so very grateful for a generous product donation from Sox for Horses for our Arabian Shabah who has been suffering from a severe outbreak of dermatitis, a painful condition of the skin around the legs. Despite treatment with various topical, we only had moderate success in helping Shabah to heal up his sores. Sox for Horses is a unique  bandaging solution that eliminates the need for topical treatments and other painful procedures. The ‘Sox’ are made from silver yarn. The embedded silver inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, and mold in the socks, providing a clean environment around the leg to encourage the restoration of healthy skin.

Sox for Horses generously provided us with two packages of different sizes to make sure our small Arabian would be outfitted in the best possible way to get well.


Shall we dare say it? They also look pretty sporty. Here is Shabah as he is trying on his new sox. We are confident that Sox for Horses will help him completely heal and then keep this reoccurring condition at bay.


Front left leg.


Back legs. One leg with the sock already on and one more to go. We are seeing more and more healthy pink skin coming as the healing process continues thanks to the sox!

If your horse suffers from dermatitis or other difficult to heal wounds, check out .