A Sanctuary Full of Visitors

As soon as the sanctuary’s gate opened on Sunday (August 12) cars began pulling in. In fact, some couldn’t wait till the official open time and arrived much earlier. Before we knew it the farm was full with happy visitors of all ages.


A young visitor and his mom feed Rupert an apple.

A visitor check-in table as well as a table with delicious vegan snacks and sweets greeted everyone. The weather was hot but nobody seemed to care. All the attention was given to the various animals who all did a stellar job in showing off their sweet side.

Our three newcomers since the last Open Barn were the two goat boys Oliver and Kevin and a little black potbelly pig named Rupert.

Since admission was set to pay-what-you-can even some families in financial distress were able to visit us and show their children a good time in an environment where kindness is not just a nice word but rather gets put into action in everything we do.

One of the animal stars was little goat Kevin who recently received a custom made prosthetic leg. Among the horses, it comes as no surprise to those who know him, Hank spread his charm to as many people as possible. He nudged, loved, and licked anyone who would give him half a chance assisted by his best friend Marcus, the alpha of our horse herd.


The horses were loving the attention from the visitors.


Some experienced big Molly, a rescued Belgian Draft, up close and personal.


This young girl fell in love with baby goat Kevin.

Overall this Open Barn was a wonderful experience again. We are sure to do it again soon. Watch our cow-lender of events for upcoming dates 🙂