Kevin’s 1 Week Progress Report

Little Kevin has had his prosthetic leg now for one full week, wearing it for about one hour in the morning and again in the evening. These are training and physical therapy sessions for him which include stretching exercises for the contracted muscles around his hip.

He faced a combination of several issues.

  • an outward rotation of the lower leg (toes pointing outward) with an backwards/inwards rotation of the hip. The later caused his prosthetic foot to be drug behind the heel of the other foot.
  • extremely contracted muscles around the right hip and no strength in those muscles to stabilize him when he does attempt to put weight on the prosthetic
  • habitual lack of hip engagement of the right leg when moving forward

The rotation is already much better. Hip engagement is starting to happen with most steps now as opposed to only every once in a while.

His confidence in doing goat things such as climbing up on things is starting to show! He is such a trooper and seems to love his exercise time. Enjoy the following videos of this sweet boy …