Happy 1st Rescue-Versary to Lex

It was one year ago today that a sweet little piglet was delivered to the sanctuary in a wire trap. The baby pig had been making headlines already as he roamed around the streets of Lexington for over a week, crossing major roads dodging every attempt on the part of Animal Control to catch him. Finally a private citizen with a huge heart and armed with a wire humane trap from Tractor Supply was successful against all odds. Around 10 am on July 5, 2018 the lucky little piglet from Lexington was delivered successfully to Good Acres Sanctuaries. Lex18, a local TV station, witnessed and reported on his release from the wire trap into a clean and safe stall. What a special moment it was!


above: Diana of Good Acres and Elizabeth who caught baby Lex are carefully opening the trap.

Shortly after his release from the trap little Lex climbed into his straw bed and fell into a much needed deep restful sleep.

Since then Lex has received the nickname Otto to which he now mostly listens. He has allowed many people who visited the sanctuary over the past year an unforgettable experience of petting him and experiencing his beautiful gentle soul up close.

Having Lex aka Otto at the sanctuary has been nothing but a joy. This statement is seconded by his friend Charlie, a previously lonely potbelly pig. The two of them have become inseparable. Enjoy the following flashback pictures of the luckiest pig in all of Kentucky:


above: baby Lex aka Otto has been affectionate and friendly right from the beginning. Here he is getting a little head scratch from the Animal Man but gone are the days that one has to reach down to pet him.

Thank you to all who have donated towards Otto’s care. He is a fantastic ambassador for the sweet and intelligent nature of pigs. He is helping us to change minds and hearts in hope of a kinder world.

We are looking forward to many more rescue-versaries with Otto.




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