News so Good it’s Outrageous!

A mere four months ago, the Animal Man decided to give up all animal products and go 100% plant-based aka vegan. He had been on what seems to be the standard American prescription, a cocktail of blood pressure and cholesterol lowering drugs along with blood thinner. He stopped taking those dangerous and side effect loaden drugs at the same time he began his vegan diet.

Shall we guess what happened?! The blood test results are in along with personal feedback from two doctors one of which is a cardiologist who is known for his very aggressive pill-pushing philosophy.

ALL values on the blood test and blood pressure readings are now within the recommended healthy range WITHOUT any drugs!! And what’s more, the cardiologist is for once speechless and hasn’t made a single mention of pills at today’s visit.  But that’s not all of the good news. The Animal Man lost 20 pounds over the last four months without even trying and says he now has more energy and stamina than he would have ever imagined having.

Sadly, he does have one regret about the whole thing. He says: “I just wish I had gone vegan sooner!”.

Applause please for the Animal Man and this wonderful success. What a proud moment.


The Animal Man proudly holds his chart of health data now proof of the power of plants.

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