What’s in a Mud Bath?

Did you know? Pigs have very few options when it comes to regulating their body temperature in hot weather. They have almost no sweat glands and cannot cool themselves by panting like dogs do. Hence, finding any kind of watery cool off is very important to them. At the sanctuary, when we walk around the farm with our pigs in ‘coolish’ weather, the pigs often pass by a water puddle or mud hole without ever showing any interest in it. If it is very warm, however, they may just throw themselves right in it with gusto!

Otherwise, pigs are extremely clean animals. Much more so than horses or other farm animals. Pigs will not ever soil their bedding. Unless confined, they will always make the effort to establish a ‘bathroom’ far away from their sleeping area. Keeping a pig stall clean is the easiest thing as it is almost no work at all. When pigs are confined in areas much too small for them they suffer greatly because they cannot exercise their natural tendency to maintain a clean home base. Bad smell is also never a problem with pigs unless they are confined in too small of a space.

Our pig boys at Good Acres enjoy lots of space and the ability to choose between being indoors, on their porch in the shade, or all the way outside. No wonder they are so friendly and happy and just a joy to be around!

above: Charlie is taking it easy just sitting in the muddy water to cool off a bit.

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  • For those who like to use phrases like “dirty pig,” this article should put that to rest. Pigs don’t have sweat glands, so mud is like a swimming pool to cool things off for pigs. Now regarding our friend, the pig, the “gig” is up!!!! 🐷🐖

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