First Evening Event 2018 – was a great kickoff

Saturday evening around 7 pm, guests started to gather at the sanctuary for our first evening event of the season, a vegan potluck. In attendance were several wonderful people who chose to join us to experience vegan food for the first time. They all reported having thoroughly enjoyed the delicious main courses and desserts along with excellent conversation with new and old friends. Laughter could at times be heard all the way out to the gate. The group of guests was a bit smaller than normal due to some thunderstorm activity earlier in the evening. However, the small storms passed very quickly and made the evening at the farm even better as they did bring a little cool off. Enjoy the following images of the event barn, our beautiful Hank with some farm scenery in the background (photo taken by Isabella La Rocca), Sheriff Joe Milam chatting with the Animal Man aka George Shaffner.

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