The Elusive 8 – Part I – Meet Alice & Lynn-Dee

Even visitors who come to the sanctuary frequently seldom get to see our ‘Elusive 8’. This is because, well, they are elusive and hide from visitors. Aside from mostly farm animals, Good Acres is also home to eight rescued cats which we will be introducing to you in a post series called The Elusive 8. The roost of the Elusive 8 is ruled by two ladies named Alice and Lynn-Dee. While we are not sure of their age, we do know that both gals are substantially older than all our other cats.

Alice is a lovely white and grey while Lynn-Dee is tricolored with some striping. Both of them enjoy being mostly indoors with some small daily trips to the patio for a little sunbathing or a stroll around the house. Prior to us taking them into our ownership, they were like so many cats on farms, not spayed and contributed to the creation of large numbers of unwanted lives who later fell prey to foxes and coyotes. In some areas where rattlesnakes and other venomous snakes are prevalent, it is believed that the presence of cats repels the snakes. However, this is a myth. Wherever there are cats, there is usually a smaller amount of rodents to be found which snakes look for as a major food source. Keeping a barn reasonably clean to discourage rodents from moving in is a more effective way to ‘repel’ snakes than keeping cats who are not taken care of and only struggle for their survival. When cats are not fed, are not spayed or neutered, and have no medical care, they tend to be less good hunters than they would be if they were kept in good health. So, farms looking for barn cats as pest control would be much better off to keep only a few cats, prevent them from breeding, and take care of them.

When Alice and Lynn-Dee came into our care they both had medical issues. Thankfully, all issues were fixable. Since then girls have enjoyed a life of leisure. We love them both and cannot imagine Good Acres without them anymore.

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