The Happiness Oxymoron

Of course, no one feels happy 100% of the time. However, and this may sound like an oxymoron, happiness is present in you at all times. This is because the mental state of contentment which is what happiness really is, is inert. We don’t create it, rather we keep rediscovering it. When we cannot seem to feel happiness, it is because we are letting other things obscure our sense of happiness. Much like the blue sky is always there even if a solid cloud cover obscures it completely and makes the blue temporarily invisible.

In meditation, we are training the mind to work with the clouds. We learn to allow them and encourage them to pass through rather than hang around. Ironically, allowing the clouds to be there without resistance tends to make them become less in number and pass through more speedily. On the contrary, by energizing them with a mental form of resisting, we inadvertently energize their presence which in turn tends to make them more frequent, larger, and persistent. Think of a sky that has a few small white clouds peacefully drifting through versus a sky full of powerful dark clouds slowly moving about seemingly giving birth to more and more of the same practically obscuring all the blue.

As we are training the mind in this way using various meditation techniques, we also learn to distinguish which problems aka clouds are actual problems we need to mindfully work on to resolve or improve a situation and which ones are nothing more than just clouds or mental clutter.

Mindfulness meditation can over time help you end circular obsessive thought patterns that create a lot of stress in your life. Stress that can damage your physical health over time and have a negative effect on important relationships. If you live in our area, check out our cow-lendar of events and join us for one of our meditation classes.

Happiness is inert! You don’t have to make it or go and get it. It is already right there inside you! Next time you look up at the sky, think how wonderful it is that the blue sky is ever present!


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