Good Acres on the Evening News

Braxon is being interviewed and filmed while cow Bridgette checks out his new shoes.

Good Acres Sanctuaries’ children’s program made it into WKYT’s late night news coverage. The short interview features one mother and son who took part in this program in 2017. Son Braxon started coming to the farm weekly to spend some time with the animals to cope with the stress of being separated from this mother while she attended an inpatient recovery program for addiction.

Our rescued animals and their own stories of having overcome unimaginable hardship in life can help children relate in a nonverbal way. At the same time, the peaceful surroundings of the farm and its four-legged residents have an effect that decompresses and gives much-needed relief from worry and anxiety. It is our vision and hope for the future to grow Good Acres Sanctuaries into a place of healing that can house not only many more animals but also mothers in recovery along with their children.

Check out the news coverage video on WKYT’s website.

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  • Timothy Verret

    This is just BEYOND PHENOMENAL, Diana! CONGRATS! You and the farm and the son and mother deserve the recognition for the hard work and devotion to love. Amen!

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