What Happens After Meditation?

The purpose of a regular meditation practice is to allow the mind to find a new and expanded mode of being. This mode does not stop with the exercise but ideally begins to infiltrate our every living moment. Mindfulness and a sense of peace can become the underlying quality that is everpresent even during moments of severe upheaval. Meditation practice offers us this possibility. When we achieve this level of being, we are able to go through daily life with its natural rhythm yet experience the heightened sense of awareness, peace, and focus that has become such an elusive quality in today’s world. In this case, in essence, we live in a state of constant meditation. This does not mean everything is done in a contrived extra slow manner but rather at a natural speed but with higher quality focus and complete awareness of the present moment. So, as a meditation session ends, we always make sure we take a moment to remind ourselves to carry the sense of awareness forward with us as we move on into the rest of our day to be fully present in every moment and every experience. As a result life quality improves dramatically no matter one’s outside circumstances. The constant desire to chase after things to be bought, possessed and consumed seizes. True peace of mind is bliss and becomes a daily reality through meditation.

“No-desire is absolute bliss and when you are bliss, then there is peace. When there is peace, then there is stillness of mind. When there is stillness of mind, this is freedom.”


from the book Wake Up and Roar
by H. W.L. Poonja

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