Meet the 3 Musketeers of Good Acres!

You read that right, the sanctuary has its own set of 3 musketeers! Their names are Patrick, Lucy, and Celina. Each one of them was homeless at one point and found refuge for life at Good Acres. Each one of them is a wonderful companion to all humans and animals at the farm and collectively they make a great team. Though we are obviously biased, we think you might agree that the three of them are a lovely sight. They work hard supervising all happenings at the place, greet visitors, and are often seen snoozing in front of the horse barn. Patrick, who found his way to us in 2013 has the most infectious big smile. Lucy, takes her sweet time to get used to new people and barks a lot at first but is the sweetest companion once she overcomes her initial shyness. Puppy Celina is with only one year of age already bigger than everybody else and is the most enthusiastic greeter of repeat visitors.

Of course, mentioning the farm’s K9 team must include a very special soul who is no longer with us, Polly. Unfortunately, after being saved from a neglect situation as a senior border collie, Polly was only to have 2.5 weeks at the sanctuary before she became gravely ill and passed away. She was so extremely happy here which is what makes it so incomprehensible that she was only given such a brief time to experience love and care. Sometimes we just don’t know why the things that happen do happen. With this in mind, we must treasure the good times and live experience every moment to the fullest. Our animals certainly help us do just that. What more joy can anyone ask for than the being surrounded by the innocence and sweetness of rescued dogs and farm animals?

Please enjoy some of the images of our tag team aka the three musketeers.



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  • Timothy James Verret

    Love that Patrick, Lucy, and Celina. It goes without saying: “Give them plenty of PLC (Puppy Loving Care)!!! :)))

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