Your Meditation Benefits Others

The idea of benefiting those around us with our own meditation isn’t usually one of the perks new practitioners think about when they begin their meditation practice. Upon more thought though, it does make a lot of sense. When we feel a greater sense of clarity, gentle focus, and calmness it has the potential to wash over our environment and the people and animals within it. This effect is not just limited to the words we speak or actions we directly aim at others. Have you ever been around someone who just exuded a sense of calm and peace? Then you know it is possible. You too can have such a wonderful effect on those around you. As your meditation practice deepens and becomes a daily ritual, it will also physically and psychologically change you for the better. These changes can show up in daily interactions with others outside of your meditation practice when you are not even thinking about peace and calm.

New habits and responses developed in private meditation will reappear spontaneously in the heat of interactions with other people.



from the book ‘Mindfulness and the Therapeutic Relationship’ by Steven F. Hick, Thomas Bien, Zindel V. Segal

Remember a time when you experienced a moment of complete peace and being present. The experience of ease, lightness, and freedom from worry can be quite profound. Being mentally and emotionally present like this more often is a trainable skill. In meditation, we train the mind to do just that and in so doing reap the benefits ourselves and let them flow over to others as well.

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