Meet Sunshine aka Sunny

Have you ever talked to or petted a wild mustang? No? At Good Acres, you can do just that by having a chat with our girl Sunshine who is commonly referred to around her as Sunny. As is typical for mustangs, Sunny is a rather small horse. However, the beautiful redhead has smarts and personality to boot. Sunshine was born in 2005 in the high sierra of Nevada near the town of Elgin and captured by the U.S. government as a yearling. She was later placed with a private person from whom she had to be confiscated due to cruel neglect and was returned to the government holding pens. We purchased the sweet little mare at a government mustang auction and brought her to the sanctuary. She quickly adapted to life with people and readily embraced all the luxuries life at a sanctuary has to offer such as reliable food and shelter. Her personality is that of a fun-loving, extremely brave, intelligent and curious horse. One of her favorite activities is to show of old and new antics in an effort to coax a cookie or treat out of the pockets of the humans she trusts and likes. Upon first meeting Sunny, she can appear stand-offish. While she is not afraid of people, she simply sees no point in talking to someone with whom she has no relationship with. This little mustang teaches visitors that patience is at the essence and you cannot simply demand to be liked. Instead, you have to bring something to the table that the other party finds interesting enough to engage with you.

Needless to say, we love Sunny. She is a very important part of our sanctuary crew. Enjoy the following images of her:

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Ever since we showed Sunny how to stretch, she does it on her own frequently.

Sunny has always had a fun attitude. Here she jumps with joy over her brand new huge soccer ball.



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