The Verdict is in – You Need to Meditate!

Even if you are not a meditation master, practicing meditation even if it is just for five minutes per day can have amazing benefits. Mindfulness practice and meditation can be done by anyone, anywhere, at zero cost. Take a look at some of these wonderful rewards you too could reap. There are many more but here are some highlights.


  • greater inner calm throughout the day (a requirement for happiness),
  • reduced cortisol (the “stress hormone” that promotes weight gain),
  • normalized blood pressure,
  • reduced insomnia and much better sleep quality,
  • lower risk of heart attack and stroke,
  • reduced anxiety and depression,
  • improved brain function and memory


If you are dealing with chronic pain or going through any other challenges in life, learning to meditate can make an enormous difference for the better. It has been said that meditation is like multi-vitamin for the mind and should be taken daily 🙂

Saying, one has no time to meditate, is pretty much a nonsensical statement. Even if done for only a few minutes per day the increase in mental control and overall relaxation will likely lead to an increase in productivity at work which leads to more quality time available for the things you love.

Did you know, that how you feel impacts those around you? So, your meditation practice will not only help you but also others. Learning to meditate is a worthwhile endeavor in more ways than one.

Here at Good Acres, we are working on offering you an expanded selection of meditation classes available in-person at the sanctuary but also online so you can mediate with us from wherever you are.


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