Crazy Easy Asparagus Cream Soup

The heavenly creamy texture of this delicious soup will leave you speechless. With only 3 ingredients this detoxing powerhouse is ready in minutes with a pressure cooker.

Did you know that asparagus helps your body detox itself, fight off cancer, and boosts your brain?

Did you think in order to achieve amazing creaminess, you had to use dairy? If so, get ready for a shock because the few cooked and blended cashews in this recipe rival and easily surpass the creaminess of dairy. Even organic dairy is loaded with saturated fat and hormones that promote inflammation and cancer among other things. If you would like more radiant clear skin, ditching dairy is an important first step to get there.

But enough talk, check this out…


Don’t have a pressure cooker? No problem. Just presoak the cashews for a few hours before you cook your soup. Then cook asparagus and cashews on the stovetop. Check periodically if the asparagus is tender.

If you like your soup very thick, you may want to hold some of the fluid back when you add the solid ingredients to the blender. This way you can add the fluid little by little to achieve your desired thickness.

Add a bit of freshly ground black pepper right before you eat your soup. It can enhance the flavor of the asparagus beautifully.



  • Timothy James Verret

    I am just CRAZY for asparagus. I tend to eat them cold with vegan mayonnaise. This soup sounds scrumptious! Thanks for the post! 😉

  • This sounds delish! I got an Instapot for Christmas and looking for things to make in it. I make a similar creamy tasting dairy free soup this time of year with yellow squash using squash, onions, chicken broth, but I’m sure you could sub veggie, thyme, salt and white pepper. I just cook til the squash is tender, throw it in the blender and blend til smooth. Surprisingly creamy mouth feel.

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