Cows like Christmas too

After much work all summer, one of our new little barns was ready for Bridgette and her ‘little’ boy Lucky to move in. Fortunately, this happened right before a major cold front moved in and brought actual winter temperatures to Kentucky. So far both cows had occupied the north side of the horse barn where they also had good shelter to accommodate them throughout the year. However, that part of the horse barn isn’t nearly as well suited for major winter weather as their new building. Plus, the horses really do enjoy using both, the south and the north side of their horse barn. Why else call it a ‘horse barn’, right?

The new barn features a large fully enclosed indoor space, a ‘porch’ which consists of a 12 feet deep roof overhang area with partial windbreak and a corral with direct access to the pasture.

So, for Christmas, our two bovine friends got to move in. Bridgette immediately loved it so much she did some serious happy bucking and jumping inside her new home. Good thing the indoor space is big enough to accommodate her antics. She is somewhat of a barn clown while her adopted son Lucky is a more calm. Although he too has his clown moments especially when he finds a water bucket that just looks like it should be dumped over, puts it on his head, shakes it around a bit, sets it back down, puts it back on his head …. and, well, you get the idea.

Enjoy the following images of them taken during the first few moments of move-in day:

Moo! Bridgette and Lucky would love your support. Even an amount as low as $10.- can really help.



  • How wonderful, Diana, for Bridgette and Lucky! All because of you and Good Acres. I personally thank you for the hard work to bring these two wonderful creatures of God into safer and calmer conditions. What a lifesaver you all are! Two Moo’s Way Up!!!!!! — Blessings, Timothy

    PS: Received my pillow I ordered from Cafe Press and currently on bed where my stuffed animals finding their resting place on it. :)))))

    • How wonderful Timothy! So glad you enjoy the pillow. Please do send us a photo of it in your home šŸ™‚

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