No Weekend Slow Down at the Sanctuary

A nonstop flurry of activity at the farm over the last weekend has led to major progress with our ongoing construction projects. Over the past three days 160 wooden post were driven into the ground, 200 oak boards nailed to them, no-climb wire stretched and installed, and 13 dead ash trees cut down.

We are constantly working on making the sanctuary bigger and better for animals and people alike. Participants of our new addiction recovery program will benefit greatly from peaceful visits with our rescued animals. Of course, so will the Chicas (Children of the Addicted and Incarcerated).

Improved facilities mean we can have more positive impact on those we serve. This is pretty important considering the many individuals and families who are impacted by addiction. For everyone else, the 2018 event season will give you plenty of opportunity to come out for a visit and see all the progress for yourself.

Many thanks and our deepest gratitude go out to all our sponsors and donors.

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  • You can count on me for a 2018 visit. I don’t know when but I can’t wait!!!! Thanks, Diana, for all you do for “people and animals alike.” Psalm 36:6(b) in the Bible says, “You care for people and animals alike, O Lord.” Never heard that scripture at church…yet! ;)))

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