Meet Rosie – Sweet as Could Be Despite Disability

In an effort to find a suitable companion donkey to blind little Pearl, we set out on a search for another donkey. With the help of a friend and great fan of Good Acres, we were connected to a farmer who was willing to let a nameless 1-year-old disabled donkey go for free. We had a hunch immediately that this was a great match, arranged for pick-up, and voila – here she is. First order of business was to give this beauty a name. ‘Rosie’ immediately came to mind and stuck like super glue!

WELCOME – Rosie! 

Enjoy the following images of her first few minutes at her new home.

above: the trailer was backed up to the barn door to allow Rosie to come out at her own pace. She did so without much hesitation.

above: first thing, she walked to the end of the barn aisle to look out over the pasture.

above: checking out her stall and little Pearl next door

above: OH MY! Those ears!!


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  • Hoping this pairing turns into a wonderful friendship between these special little ladies. Kudos to the friends, fans and farm folk who made this super two-fer happen.

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