Little Blind Pearl is Here!

This afternoon a red trailer pulled through the farm gates of the sanctuary carrying very special cargo. A beautiful 5-month-old, white donkey named Little Pearl. Pearl was born blind and didn’t have a way to safely live on a farm where she could not be adequately protected from potential attacks by predators. For this reason, the kind owners of the farm where Pearl was born brought her to us. This friendly long-eared girl will, like all our sanctuary animals, live out her life at Good Acres. Although she has only been here a few hours, we can already see that Pearl is doing her best to embrace her new life at her new home. With this kind of attitude, she will become a great asset to our addiction recovery and Chica program. No doubt, before long Pearl will be teaching all of us lessons on how to live a determined life and not let obstacles and disabilities stop us. Enjoy some images of Pearl’s very first few moments at Good Acres Sanctuaries. WELCOME PEARL!!

above: Pearl stood unmovingly in the trailer, unsure what to expect.

above: first steps into her new accommodations

above: first bonding moments


above: just arrived and already she has a very special young visitor.

above: Charlie having dinner right outside of Pearl’s door to get a bit acquainted

below: The boys were instantly friendly to Pearl. They had been outside all day romping around their very own field, came in to have dinner, and then proceeded to befriend their little new donkey neighbor through the stall wall. Later, as the pig boys snuggled into their straw bed and began to peacefully grunt and snore, Pearl seemed content with hearing those small sounds from next door. No more being lonely! Because Life is Good at the Sanctuary!

With so much love going around, would you please consider contributing to Little Pearl’s care expenses? Any amount would be hugely appreciated. You can conveniently do so by going to our online store and donation center:

We will be sure to post many updates as our new small donkey friend embarks on her first few adventures at the sanctuary. Thank you for interest in our work.



  • Timothy James Verret

    OMG! Diana, you must have thought of me when this precious being arrived. I only wish I was there to embrace her from big ears to tail. What a lucky donkey. I wish God’s donkeys, Fred and Honky, were so lucky. I went out to greet them today and it rained a lot today and they have no shelter. I just sat in my car and cried for about 5 minutes before I went out to feed them. I need to be counting my blessings that God brought me Fred and Donkey, just as He brought Little Blind Pearl to you.\

  • Timothy James Verret

    meant to say “Fred and Honky”….that name, “Honky,” just makes me feel like the “poor white trash” I am 😉

    • That is sad that Fred and Honky have absolutely no shelter but at least they have you give them some love! Thank you for helping us welcome little Pearl. She is indeed precious.

  • Ceci and friends at The Far Side Farm

    I think that Good Acres is incorrectly named. I think it should be called GREAT Acres! Especially with rescue stories like little blind Pearl and Lex and Charlie the pigs and Lucky the cow and friends and the horses and dogs and cats…..

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