Happy 1st Birthday Lucky!

Would you believe it? Our sweet little boy Lucky is not so little anymore. He is turning one year old and keeps on growing like a weed. Since Lucky came to live at the sanctuary, he has visited with many people and allowed them to get an up-close encounter with the gentle wonderful nature of cows. In doing so he has, of course, received his fair share of cookies. What a sweetheart he is! We love him so much.

Please wish him a happy birthday and send him a virtual hug to celebrate.

Enjoy the compilation of pictures taken throughout the time Lucky has been with us. Needless to say, WE are the lucky ones to have him!


below: The day it all began. Lucky’s arrival at the sanctuary Christmas 2016


below: First time seeing snow!!

Easter 2017: Pastor Michelle Redmon blessing little Lucky.


below: January 2017, still so little!

Little Lucky is on his way to becoming one handsome big fella when fully grown.

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  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LUCKY!!!!! What a wonderful succession of pictures to show just how much Lucky has “grown in Love!” Those of us who help animals like Lucky ending up feeling like we ARE the lucky ones! Two Big Moos Up for Lucky on this special day God brought him to this world and GA for allowing Lucky to live up to his name. God Bless him and all the GA Staff for caring so tenderly and lovingly for him. – Timothy Verret

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