Pants 4 a Purpose

We want your pants! Now, you can donate your used jeans to help us raise funds for our upcoming sanctuary based addiction recovery services. Men’s, women’s, and kids jeans in all colors and conditions are welcome. We encourage you to reach out to your circle of influence and gather up some jeans. If you are located in the Lawrenceburg/Frankfort area we can arrange for pickup or you can bring the jeans to us. Pants from farther away can be mailed in to P.O. Box 4845, Frankfort, KY 40604

Why do we want your pants and what is going to happen to them?

We are having a clothing product line in the works. The used jeans will become part of this product line be altered/embellished and upcycled or if too worn, be made into completely different products. All pants will later become available for purchase to fund our sanctuary based addiction recovery program to help us fund these much needed services. Once established, production and sales of items within this product line will serve as a vehicle to employ individuals in recovery and offer comprehensive job skills training to those who would otherwise be considered ‘unskilled labor’ in the general market place. Making this program available will take some time but a few prototypes are in the works and are scheduled to be done in early October.

Together we can build a better tomorrow!

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