What’s Lex Up to Now??

At first, Lex had to walk on a leash to learn the ropes of our evening group walks.

It has been a little over a month since the Vagabond pig from Lexington arrived at our sanctuary. Guess what?! He has grown so much, you would barely recognize him. He is on his way of turning into a big boy. Though, growing hasn’t been the only thing he has been doing. He has bonded deeply with us and has learned a lot. His manners are outstanding. He partakes in our nightly walks with Diana, the dogs, and his pig friend Charlie. Because he minds so well and comes back instantly when called, he does not need to be leashed anymore. He LOVES our group activities and often takes off in a speedy piglet gallop with wildly flapping ears circling the group to run-off some of his extra energy. His nickname around the barn has since become ‘Little Otto’ or simply ‘Otto’. We love this boy as he is taking the hearts of visitors by storm with his beautiful inquisitive brown eyes, beyond adorable big ears, and sweet demeanor. Enjoy this short video clip of Lex aka Otto showing off …

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