Even Dogs go to College at Good Acres!

At 7 pm on Saturday August 5 the sanctuary turned into a sea of paws and wagging tails while excited barks filled the air. What on earth was going on? It was the opening session of Doggie College! More precisely, it was the first session of our first ever dog obedience class called ‘Family Dog I’ taught by Paula Mulkins. The enrolled K9 students came in all shapes and sizes but they had one thing in common. They were excited! This made getting them to concentrate on learning quite a challenge but with patience and repetition of the first level exercise set which consisted of ‘sit – stay seated – get up’ everybody ended up doing quite well. The class was held in our spacious exercise/event barn. If you have a dog but are not sure about dog training classes, why don’t you come by next Saturday at 7 pm to watch? Visiting to just watch is free of charge but a suggested donation to Good Acres Sanctuaries of approximately $10.- would be very much appreciated.

Meanwhile, enjoy some photos taken before and during class:

Just arrived and sooo excited!

Paula Mulkins addressing the class.

Working on sit with a very playfully excited dog.

Good Job!!

Another playful high-energy dog who at first had a hard time focusing but ended up doing a wonderful job due to Paula Mulkins’ guiding the owner to be patiently consistent.

Buster, the smallest student in class, has a huge personality and a very proud owner 🙂


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