Another Great Party on the Books

Our Potluck Under the Stars on August 5 was yet another fantastic get-together of a diverse group of people from Lexington, Louisville, and Frankfort. Our sanctuary is drawing in folks from wider and wider circles to experience the peace and fellowship of events at the farm. Before eating, we all spend some time in and around the horse barn meeting the animals. Some guests had been here before and others were new and heard their stories for the first time. Others had never actually stood next to a large unrestrained horse and found the experience to be powerful. Each event at the farm unfolds a bit differently as the unique makeup of the group of guests creates its own synergy. Yet each get-together is a blessing in its own special way. We want to sincerely thank all who attended for doing so. The food was delicious, the company excellent, and the music jazzy. Another thing is for sure, this wasn’t our last party at the sanctuary!

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