Great Turn Out Again at Open Barn

Our Open Barn on Sunday was yet another busy one! We loved meeting all the visitors and their lovely children. The pigs were once again a big attraction. GA’s new rescue puppy ‘Celina’ also made sure she met all the guests.

Among the visitors was a family from Lexington who was instrumental in helping trap Little Lex, the famous vagabond pig that roamed the streets of Lexington for a week. It is heartwarming to see so much interest in farm animals that would typically just be thought of as a commodity. During Open Barn visitors, young and old alike, have a chance to see the animals’ individual personality traits and can get a little glimpse into the complexity of each individual. The farm animals at Good Acres are doing a great job as ambassadors for their species and breeds by allowing visitors to connect with them and see them as beings that are just as much in need of safety and love as any pet. Of course, they also entertain us with their antics and humor which makes Open Barn hours so much fun.

If you haven’t made it out to see us yet, no worries! We will be posting about our upcoming August Potluck Event very soon. There is always another chance to come out to the farm!

Let Good Acres know what you think!

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