Welcome Celina!!

This all happened in a flash. From a quick urgent email and phone conversation late yesterday to the delivery of a beautiful Pyraneese puppy today. It is amazing how life’s roads intersect and intertwine. The concerned rescuer of the young dog learned about us through the recent media coverage our farm received because of Little Lex the pig who ran loose in the streets of Lexington for a week. Of course, we all know how that story ended. Baby Lex the pig was trapped by a wonderful person who wasn’t going to wait until the news media would report that he had finally been hit by a vehicle and severely injured or killed. She figured out a way to trap him and brought him to our sanctuary and the media along with many Lexington residents rejoiced in the positive outcome for the little famous pig.

Now baby Lex’s survival has led to an amazing life change for 6-month-old Celina. Not much is known about the dog’s history. She spent the last week or more chained at a farm house where she was to be used as a livestock guard dog for goats and sheep, a task that Pyraneese dogs are well suited for. Apparently, though, there was another dog at the property who attacked Celina. Hence, the farm owner wanted to rid himself as fast as possible of the young dog.

Despite the no doubt overwhelmingly busy day full of changes, Celina is in very good spirits. Our farm dog Patrick immediately welcomed her and happily included her into his little tribe. If you have ever met Patrick, you will know, he loves absolutely everybody who will play with him regardless of size, color, gender, age, or anything else for that matter. Our new sanctuary resident is very thin and has likely never had any medical attention. Of course, we will change all that. But so far so good! Although she has only been here a few hours, it seems Celina will fit right into our colorful sanctuary family.

We are ever so grateful for wonderful people like the couple who brought Celina too us. If you are planning to attend our Open Barn tomorrow, you will have a chance to meet her!

below: little Celina is already pretty relaxed and takes a snooze on the cool kitchen floor together with Patrick

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