Little ‘Lexington’ is Safe, Sound, and Happy!

No one really believed it would work, capturing a terrified pig with a trap in the midst of 4th of July firecracker noises. However, Elizabeth and her mom would not leave anything unattempted. Several people, myself included, prayed that just maybe a miracle would happen and it would work. I couldn’t believe my ears when Elizabeth called me in the morning and said: “Good morning – guess what I have?”. An attempt at something nearly impossible had paid off. In a world so cruel and unforgiving to little children like this piglet, what difference does it make to save one, some might ask. Well, in terms of numbers the difference might not be big but looking into his stall this morning where (s)he still slept as I delivered breakfast, I can say for sure that this rescue effort made a world of difference for him. Now little ‘Lexie’ is all over the news. His story of survival has a chance to penetrate hearts and contribute to a kinder world. He will live at our sanctuary for as long as his natural lifespan will allow him to. Visitors will be able to come and meet this friendly little fellow and have a chance to follow his progress and see him grow up. Good Acres Sanctuaries is a safe haven not only for animals but for people too. Out here it doesn’t matter what you look like or where you came from. Good Acres is a judgement-free zone in which we all can allow ourselves to experience the healing power of kindness that includes all living beings and freedom from the toxicity of judgment. As soon as the construction of our small animal barn is finished, we will be sure to have another party out at the farm to celebrate the recent wonderful events. Make sure to let us know at if you would like to be on our newsletter list to not miss the invitation!

You can donate towards little ‘Lexies’ care by going to our online store at:  No amount is too small. We are so appreciative of all the caring people in and around Lexington!

Enjoy a few images and clips of little ‘Lexie’. We will be bringing you many updates as he gets settled in and embarks on his adventures of a life at sanctuary.

above: Elizabeth and her mother Miriam are delivering the safely trapped pig to safety

above: Diana and Elizabeth releasing the baby pig from the trap inside a horse stall where the piglet has a chance to settle in and get some rest.

above: his first few steps into safety

above: Charlie introduces himself to the famous newcomer from Lexington

above: Diana and the new little sanctuary resident are having a first bonding session




  • The name for the pig should be Arnold Ziffel who was a tv star in the late sixties. He played the role of the son of Fred and Doris Ziffel who treated him as a son on the show Green Acres, hence there’s also the connection between Good Acres and Green Acres. Ask anyone who watched tv during the late sixties and they will be able to tell you about Arnold. Since you are probably already treating him as a person this would be the perfect name in my opinion.


  • I have a few name suggestions for our curly tailed friend:
    1). Runofft
    2). Ironskillet skedaddle
    3). Kentucky Freedom
    4). veggie piggy
    5). Nose to nose
    6). Sizzling
    7). Outta here
    8). And Their Off
    9). Sausage Sashay
    10). Exit Stage Left

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