New Barn Construction – Good Acres is Expanding !

The building materials for our newest barn have arrived! This new barn will be used to house a variety of small rescued farm animals. The layout and design of the building is nearly identical to our horse barn and will also include a beautiful large roof overhang on both sides. Once completed, the barn will receive stalls in the interior with access to several mini-pastures directly from the stalls. We are thrilled to report that our sanctuary is expanding! The new building will not only benefit more animals but will also allow us to expand our activities for Chicas (Children of the Addicted and Incarcerated).

We are proud of the work we are doing but cannot do it without you, please consider contributing to our mission with a donation. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and will gladly supply you with a receipt for your taxes. You can donate online via credit card by going to our online store at

image below: Sweet Bridgette kept a very close eye on all the happenings this morning and frequently let out disapproving moos because she had to wait for the delivery truck to leave before being able to go out to her big pasture.

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