The Kind Garden – No Soil – No Problem

Our pilot project of gardening on straw bales is coming along very well. We even have had the first harvest of three large heads of lettuce! Tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, and cauliflower are starting to show up little by little and so far without having to pull weeds! While our straw bales are set up on normal soil, they could be setup on any type of ground including even cement or pavement. This fact makes the experiment interesting as a potential gardening method to bring to schools and inner city environments even if all they have to work with is a paved lot. Community gardening projects can, if well managed, greatly improve life quality in cities where poverty, drugs, and crime are rampant.

Image below: Who knew zucchinis in the making could be so beautiful!



    got directed to your website thru Scrolled thru and saw your post on straw bale gardening. Used to have a large garden and a farm, but life took me other directions and I miss it. New place has no dirt for a garden. Lots of bedrock tho. lol. Straw bales is a unique idea and I’d like to know more about your success. Shop at farmers markets when my work schedule allows, but nothing compares with going out the door and picking vegetables that will be supper within minutes. Had I known about your facility 10 years ago, life may have taken a different turn for me and the 93 acres I thought were too much for me to handle alone. Still have 2 fur children but I miss my cattle babies. Keep up the wonderful work and I may visit in the future.

    • Hi Shirley, thank you for your kind words. Yes, please do come and visit sometime 🙂

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