Guess What Happened at Cows’n Coffee?!

Cows’n Coffee was supposed to be all about the cows BUT things didn’t go as planned! Somebody else stole the show. See for yourself …

“Who? Me?!”

Little ‘Charlie’ drew the crowds to him like a magnet at ‘Pigs’n Coffee’ ah aeh no ‘Cows’n Coffee’, leaving the cows with little attention.

Other than that the event was a delicious success. The coffee was good and the sweets buffet amazing (aside from being vegan of course). We enjoyed cinnamon rolls, chocolate chip cookies, blueberry muffins, and carrot cake! Top all that off with good conversation, laughter, friends, and country music in front of the horse barn (not even to mention the lovely temps and the abundant sunshine). Among our guests were folks from Louisville and from Lexington. We thank them so much for taking the time to come see us. We will be sure to do this again soon.

An event to satisfy your sweet tooth for sure!

Guests were eating, drinking, and moving around visiting animals or just mingling. Very casual. Very fun!

Goofball Hank volunteered (as always) to entertain the guests with his antics! Never a dull moment with Hank!



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