A New Resident Arrived – Welcome Charlie!

A new sanctuary resident has just made his great entrance to the sanctuary! Meet Charlie who was brought to us by his loving owners who realized that he doesn’t get the attention and stimulation he should have at their place due to time constraints caused by work requirements. In order to make absolutely sure that no harm will ever come to him and that he can live his entire life in safety, they brought this sweet little boy to us. Since we were going to add one or more pigs to the sanctuary anyway later this year, the timing was perfect. This cute 2-year old will continue to be loved like he has been by his previous owners. If he shows an interest, we will let Charlie engage with our visitors and Chicas (Children of the Addicted and Incarcerated) during their therapeutic farm visits.

If you come out on Saturday for ‘Cows’n Coffee’ which begins at 2 pm, you will be among the first visitors to meet him! Don’t miss this opportunity.

Charlie arrived in a livestock trailer.

Being transported to a brand new place was understandably scary and confusing for him. So it required quite some nudging from his previous owners to encourage him to come out of the trailer.

Did you know? Pigs belong to some of the smartest mammals on earth. Ranking in intelligence level right after Chimpanzees. They are extraordinarily sensitive beings deserving of our compassion.

Farm dog ‘Patrick’ considered the arrival of Charlie a good deal especially since he got a few of the treats that were intended for Charlie.




Charlie’s first morning at the sanctuary and it appears he may not be a morning person 😉

Rescuing farm animals is important work but so is working with compassionate animal owners who want to ensure the safety of their animal and forgo the money they could make by selling their animal and instead bringing him/her to us. Kudos to people like this!!

As time goes on and Charlie gets settled in, we will bring you much more information about him. For now, let’s just rejoice in his arrival and the fact that he is a wonderful addition to our sanctuary crew!

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