Friends will be Friends – Shared Joy = Joy x 2!

Farm dog ‘Patrick’ is extremely fond of the farm’s golf cart and likes nothing better than riding on it when we drive as fast as possible. Even just sitting in the cart with someone he loves is a big deal for him. Aside from the golf cart, he also loves all the other animals at the sanctuary. So it figures that when little calf ‘Lucky’ during a halter training session came over to check out the golf cart as well, Patrick got so excited that he shrieked with joy. Oh my, shared joy is indeed twice the joy. Life is joyful at the sanctuary!

Dog “Patrick’ is shrieking with excitement over having his buddy little “Lucky’ come over to check out his golf cart.

The peaceful atmosphere at the sanctuary seems to really stimulate our animals to forge unlikely friendships and enjoy life together. We humans can learn from them!



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