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Our Dinner Picnic Series is off to a Great Start

Did you know? The 450+ members strong Lexington Vegan Society recently became a sub-organization of GA Sanctuaries. We are very proud of having the LVS be part of Good Acres! To celebrate we have just kicked off our summer park picnic series. Lexington is beautiful in general but Masterson Station Park is a particular jewel with sprawling clean meadows, shade

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We are overjoyed when a guardian of a child begins to see actual positive effects in a child due to him or her being part of our Chica program. Whenever we receive such news, we will share it with you: “During our visits at Good Acres Sanctuary, Connor is so happy and at peace. He is not thinking about missing

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Farm Animals Help Children Overcome Trauma

Our Chica program in action! Rescued farm animals are helping children of addicted and incarcerated parents find back to joy and build resilience. More and more grandparents are raising young children due to unavailability of one or both parents. This is happening to such an extent that the newest generation is now sometimes referred to as the ‘Heroin Orphans’. While

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Guess What Happened at Cows’n Coffee?!

Cows’n Coffee was supposed to be all about the cows BUT things didn’t go as planned! Somebody else stole the show. See for yourself … “Who? Me?!” Little ‘Charlie’ drew the crowds to him like a magnet at ‘Pigs’n Coffee’ ah aeh no ‘Cows’n Coffee’, leaving the cows with little attention. Other than that the event was a delicious success. The coffee was good

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