Meet Molly – from slaughterhouse bound to world class trail horse

Molly at a recent visit of a whole family. When she realized the children couldn’t reach her, she lowered her head to them to be petted. Molly has great sensitivity and senses what someone needs.

Molly is a Belgian Draft horse and with roughly 1900 pounds by far the biggest equine at the sanctuary. Her gentle nature, however, is amazing.

We first became aware of her situation when we saw her advertised for next to nothing on Craigslist many years ago. This was in TX near the Mexican border where we lived at the time. We spontaneously inquired about her and learned that she was a completely untrained (not even halter trained) 4-year old who lived alone in a private residence’s yard without the companionship of any other horses. The path her life was pointing towards was clear – a Mexican slaughter house. We felt compelled to help Molly and purchased her over the phone – site unseen so to speak. When we finally did meet her, the sweet neglected and thin horse tried to comply to step into our horse trailer. However, the trailer requires to make a step up into it. Molly’s young joints were stiff from lack of exercise, so she failed to make it up the step. Holes had to be dug into the ground to back the trailer into in an effort to lower the trailer for her to get in. We finally got it done and she was off to the sanctuary. Upon arrival, Molly found a comfortable corral prepared just for her with full hay bins, fresh cool water, AND other horses looking over the fence to greet her. Much to our delight, she embraced her new life with full enthusiasm from day one and never had adjustment difficulties.  Many years have passed since then. The once neglected cheap slaughter house bound mare has since become a well trained fantastic trail horse who turns heads on the trail with her beauty and sweet temperament. In addition to being a great trail horse, she now also works with Chicas (Children of the Addicted and Incarcerated). Molly is a blessing for our sanctuary!

Molly LOVES the trails! During saddling when we get ready for a trail ride she can barely contain her excitement to just go. She is an explorer and loves to stop here and there to look at things on the trail in detail to satisfy her inquisitive mind.

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