Riding High

Today, our sanctuary was blessed with the visit of several young children who made it out despite the chilly weather. When the children were asked if they wanted to meet the cows or the horses first, they chose the horses. So, we introduced them to Ms. Molly, a particularly sweet horse. Despite her enormous size, she has incredible sensitivity. Being approached by the children who wanted to pet her face, she lowered her head and held it still at the perfect height for the little ones to reach her. Nobody taught Molly such behavior. She has a natural ability to sense what someone needs. Although it was a little scary for the girls at first, they determined nonetheless to sit on Molly’s back and even walk a few steps to feel her gentle swaying movements. The girls’ smiles speak for themselves. After meeting Molly, the girls got to meet the cows. Little Lucky was very intrigued by the children and enjoyed their attention. We are overjoyed to have been able to provide this group of lovely young girls with this experience. These children know that all our animals are saved and will never be hurt and killed. We believe that allowing children to nurture their own inert sense of compassion will, as they mature, serve them well. Self-compassion is part of true compassion and is necessary especially later in life when the inevitable stresses of life cause difficult to navigate situations.

Little Lucky, who is not so little anymore, loves to be petted by children.

Ms. Molly weighs in at around 1900 pounds. Yet, she is one of the most sensitive animals you will ever meet.


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