A Kind Garden in the Making

This year we are starting a pilot project at the sanctuary in the form of our Kind Garden. We are experimenting with gardening on straw bales. Growing vegetables and fruits on straw bales is cheap, easy, requires almost no weeding, little to no fertilizer after initial conditioning of the bales, and can be done in virtually any space on any surface (yes, even on pavement). The Kind Garden pilot project will be used to educate our community members about easy super nutritious cooking with plants. As you know, food is medicine (or poison – you choose).

As this year’s growing season fires up full force, we will be bringing you anything from blog posts, videos, in-person cooking classes, and more on how plants can (in an inexpensive way) improve your physical, emotional, and financial well-being.

So far, our Kind Garden is in the set-up stages. 16 bales have been placed and are being conditioned for planting. The conditioning process takes about 12 days.


…. of course proper inspection was of utmost importance! Thankfully, all was approved 😉


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