Classical Music for Addiction Recovery

Here is another very simple and free tool you can use to set yourself up for success in addiction recovery and of course also if you just generally want to boost your brain power and your productivity.

Listen to soft classical music as often as you can. While you work, play the music softly in the background. The music must be instrumental only. If it contains lyrics, it will trigger your brain to try to decipher and process the language even if you say you are not listening to the words. This will end up reducing your productivity. However, purely instrumental classical music will help you. Don’t believe it? See this information from the univerisity of Helsinki:

Although listening to music is common in all societies, the biological determinants of listening to music are largely unknown. According to a new study, listening to classical music enhanced the activity of genes involved in dopamine secretion and transport, synaptic neurotransmission, learning and memory, and down-regulated the genes mediating neurodegeneration. Several of the up-regulated genes were known to be responsible for song learning and singing in songbirds, suggesting a common evolutionary background of sound perception across species.

When you are experiencing difficult life situations such as recovering from addiction you need every little bit of help you can get. There are many little ‘tricks’ available that sound so easy that you may laugh them off or say, this cannot possibly make a difference. But remember, an entire ocean is still made up of just many individual drops. All the money in your paycheck is still made up of many individual pennies. EVERYTHING you do and don’t do MATTERS. Look at super athletes and other super achievers. One of the biggest reasons for their success is that they DO NOT leave anything to chance. They know that every little thing matters. Use this simple technique. As a side effect, it will boost your pride, too! You can do this!

YouTube offers plenty of such music. If you have an Amazon Prime membership or Pandora you will also find plenty of material. Set your player on shuffle and you will have virtually endlessly brain boosting music. Here is just one example of a search done under “classical music for studying”. Enjoy:


Points to remember: 

  • use classical music without lyrics (piano music seems to work best)
  • use music formulated for productivity because the sound level has been made to be more even. Sometimes concertos can have wild fluctuations in sound level making it less suitable for background music
  • listen often as your brain gets used to classical music, its beneficial effects actually increase
  • believe in the power of ‘every little thing matters’
  • believe in yourself

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