Bridgette’s 1st Farrier Appointment

This morning our sweet bovine resident, Bridgette, had her first ever farrier appointment to get her hooves trimmed! She has just recently been trained to lift her feet for cleaning and care in the same manner as horses do. Smart as she is, she had no trouble understanding it all and got used to the hoof cleaning routine quickly. Today, as she was approached by our farrier and his equipment, she initially got a bit spooked but then settled in and allowed her toes to be trimmed on her front feet. Until our next farrier appointment in about eight weeks, she will be fully trained to also give her hind feet for cleaning and trimming.

Cows’ hooves outgrow just like horse’s hooves do and regular care not only makes hooved animals more comfortable, it ensures it helps to keep their entire leg structure with its many joints and ligaments more healthy. Another important reason for training our cows to allow someone other than us to work on their feet is, that in case they have a medical problem and need to be treated by a veterinarian, they need to already be comfortable with such procedures.

Baby Lucky was watching the whole thing with great curiosity. He too will soon learn about routine hoof care.

We are thankful to our great farrier James Guthrie for being open to this kind of job and help us keep not only our horses’ hooves in order but now also our bovine friends.

The photos show James working on Bridgette’s feet by clipping excess growth off and then rasping the clipped toes to make them smooth. Bridgette is on her way to become just as well trained as any of our horses. She is a great sport about it all and enjoys the fact that she always earns herself a cookie when she puts an effort into what we ask her to do.

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