Conquering Addiction

In today’s Brainy Monday post, we would like to introduce you to a book that is well worth reading even if you are not in substance use recovery or suffering from depression. Reading in and off itself is a helpful activity to expand one’s horizons and stimulate brain activity. However, you could combine reading and learning about your brain at the same time! Let us introduce you to the book “Change Your Brain – Change Your Life” by Dr. Amen.

For those who are recovering addicts, it is particularly important that we know some of the very mechanics of the brain. After all, our brains are involved in every single decision we will ever make and in each step of the execution or lack thereof.

Of course, we don’t just throw book titles at you. We actually read the books we recommend first. Any reader in any life situation will benefit from reading the following book but if you are a recovering addict or have a loved one who is, you will find this book enlightening.

The following book review was written and posted to by Diana Shaffner:

This book by Dr. Amen is a highly recommended journey into the complexity of what goes on inside your head. The author highlights how literally everything you do will make physical changes to your brain for the better or worse. Everything matters. Every thought, everything you eat, and every activity. Perhaps the biggest and most powerful takeaway from the book is Dr. Amen’s holistic 4-circle approach to brain wellness. This means, whenever you want to make a change, the actions you take need to be biological, psychological, social, and spiritual. Change your Brain, Change your Life by Dr. Amen is highly recommended for any health minded reader but specifically for those suffering from depression and anxiety.

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