Turmeric Stew – Food is Medicine

tum_stew04At our year end community dinner in Lawrenceburg several folks tried out the slow cooked vegan turmeric stew. It is always wonderful to see people who have never eaten anything vegan be delighted and ask for the recipe!

Not only is this stew beyond delicious, it is packed with protein and nutrients! One of the ingredients that gives it its yellow color is turmeric. Did you know that turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory? It literally is medicine.

This dish takes minimal prep time and is very adaptable to your own taste. Not to even mention that it is so easy, a monkey could do it. All you have to do is put the following ingredients into a slow cooker and more or less forget it for a few hours until … voila …. it’s dinner time! We suggest you make a whole pot full and then freeze some of it in portion containers. That way you have healthy fast food on hand for later. Eating healthy when you are in a pinch for time is as easy as that.





Like peas better than broccoli. No problem! Sweet peas work great in this recipe.



  1. chop the onion and fry it in just a little bit of cooking oil until slightly browned
  2. microwave the sweet potatoes until soft, skin them, and mash them with a fork
  3. add everything into the slow cooker and mix it well
  4. set the cooker to at least four hours on high. Your stew will be done whenever you find the lentils soft enough to your personal liking


Freshly baked bread is heaven in combination with this dish!

Freshly baked bread is heaven in combination with this dish!


  • as the stew thickens during its cooking time add a little bit of water every now and then or if you prefer to keep it very creamy, you could add soymilk instead or some of each
  • add at least one full tablespoon of turmeric (turmeric alone is not spicy)
  • the spiciness of this dish comes from the ginger and curry. Add as much or as little of these two ingredients according to your taste
  • if you like tangy taste, add a couple of tablespoons of agave syrup or other sweetener at the end of the cooking time
  • if you want to really set off the anti-inflammatory properties of the turmeric, add a little bit of freshly ground black pepper. The peperine in the fresh ground pepper allows the active ingredient in the turmeric (curcumin) to be absorbed into the bloodstream better. Note: only freshly ground pepper has enough peperine for this purpose.





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