Farm Animals Reveal Our Inner Truth

by Diana Shaffner

In our Right On! Success Coaching program, we talk a lot about being whole, finding one’s inner truth, and aligning personal values with corresponding actions. The other day, I came into the barn where our two newest sanctuary residents spend quite a bit of their time. Bridgette, a milk cow saved from a dairy farm, was peacefully munching on some hay while ‘Lucky’ her adopted son was resting on the clean soft straw bed. The atmosphere in the barn was filled with peace. I decided to take a seat on the straw next to Lucky just to talk to him for a while. That ‘while’ turned into a snuggle session. It was beyond amazing to feel his trust and love as he leaned into my hugs. As I was petting and hugging him, I reflected on the fact that I can embrace him like this with an inner truth of love and respect knowing that I will never let any harm come to him. If one would show an animal love, knowing one has a commercial interest in him that will bring him harm, one’s inner truth would be one of dishonesty, betrayal, and gross disconnect of personal values and actions. His life is just as precious as mine or anyone else’s. He is a child of this universe just like anyone else. No more – no less.

There is no way to ever have true inner peace and spiritual wholeness without aligning one’s actions with one’s values. 


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  • Virginia "Ginny " Smith

    I would like to be added to your newsletter list, please. Diane, we have met a couple of times through ASAP. My name is Ginny Smith and I am with CASA as well as being a retired social worker. Thanks for what you are doing and we may plan on visiting you soon.

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