Bridgette, a Straight A Student

20170113_112717Our newest sanctuary resident Bridgette had her first lesson in leading. We knew she was smart but she decided to outperform even our highest expectations. It took her less than five minutes to figure out all basic ingredients to leading with and without a lead rope (walk, stop, left and right turns, and backwards). TThe experience was enjoyable for all involved. Bridgette stayed focused, calm, and motivated. For each task she figured out correctly she earned a cookie as a reward. When she got something wrong, she did not earn a cookie and instead was calmly asked to try again. No stress. No pulling. No punishment of any kind. Just like all horses we typically train here at the farm, Bridgette embraced this system of positive reinforcement with enthusiasm and put in 110% effort. Well, the rest is history. She is on her way to being an ambassador for the fact that cows are just as smart and sensitive as horses or dogs and deserve kind treatment.

The image is showing her at the end of the session when she even allowed us to temporarily drape the rope over her back so we could take her adorable picture. A good student indeed!


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