They are Here !

bridgy_arrival_day_treatOur new sanctuary residents have arrived safely around midday today. Upon exiting the trailer, they immediately began to explore their new surroundings and mom Bridgette checked the big metal bin for food. Her adopted son Lucky, who still prefers milk over solid food, is a bit more on the cautious side but otherwise well.

Thanks to the kind farmer who saved Bridgette from a large dairy farm and treated her very kindly ever since; Bridgette is a very trusting soul. After she had some time to rest this afternoon, she even let us bring her a sweet welcome treat in a bowl and ate it still lying down with baby Lucky tucked in safely behind her.

Both of them will live at Good Acres Sanctuaries for the rest of their lives. Here, they will receive only the best of care and lots of love for all their days to come.

Welcome Bridgette & Lucky !!







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